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HerbFront is more than the best legal cannabis property listing site on the web. It's your personal gateway to the fastest-growing market opportunity in a generation.Take advantage of game changing real estate technology that will redefine the way you search for real estate.

Directly List Properties

Herbfront is the only listing service online that can verify if your property is in compliance with local zoning laws.

Search Exclusive Properties

Don't waste time with other listing sites. Only Herbfront can deliver verified properties that actively comply with local zoning criteria nationwide.

Advanced Maps

State & Local zoning codes make compliant cannabis locations a scare commodity. Our interactive maps take the guessing out where you can be.

Predict Opportunity.

Dominate the market like never before. Herbfront's revolutionary mapping technology gives everybody the power to see lucrative properties and execution transactions in record time. Whether you're in a new state with new laws, or an established cannabis state with evolving laws - Our maps keep you up to date.

Search Exclusive Listings.

Herbfront provides the opportunity to reinvent your property values. As more states legalize, businesses will be limited to where they can locate. We can help you determine if any properties in your portfolio qualify.

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What can HerbFront do for me right now?
The legal cannabis industry is now reality. We want to help you discover and thrive within this new market. Whether you would like to sell a qualifying property, or are searching for that perfect location for your new cannabis business, Herbfront can help. Let us become part of your future success.

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Market Research

Have a specialized request? Need a custom map, or help understanding local zoning laws?
Contact Us. We'll help you find the answers you need.

Real Estate

HerbFront's powerful predictive mapping technology will save you time and money on your next real estate purchase.
Contact Us today, and secure the best location tomorrow.

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