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  1. Marijuana – produced and used medicinally or recreationally - is regulated differently in each state. We make no guarantee or assumptions of its legality from a state perspective. Prior to opening a cannabis facility or entering into a real estate transaction with a cannabis company we highly recommend you consult a local legal specialist. Cannabis use, production & distribution still considered illegal to according to the federal government.

Verified Description vs Basic Post

  1. What is a verified description – “A Verified Property gives you two things: First you will receive a report on your property for you and potential buyers to see why your property meets the exceptional needs for the cannabis industry. The report takes a week to prepare, and when it does you’ll know all reasons why your property is a qualified candidate. Second, your property will be at the front of the line when being considered by cannabis companies expanding in your area. A qualified marketing presentation means a greater likelihood of greater dollars for your property.
  2. What is a basic post – “A basic post allows you to market your property directly to the cannabis industry. Once you complete the required property details and complete payment your property will be visible to cannabis companies expanding in your area and looking for viable properties to buy or lease.”


  1. Who posts on this site? “Commercial Real Estate Brokers & Owners looking maximize the value of their property by marketing it to an industry willing to pay a heavy premium for the right property.”
  2. Who Searches on this site? “Leading medicinal Cannabis consultants & companies looking to expand their business”

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